With our eyes being limited to the visual spectrum between 400-700nm, I propose that beyond that narrow band alternative realities are waiting to be visualised, through expanded imaging technologies.
Some of these techniques are widely utilised in medicine: radiography uses X-rays or gamma rays, ultrasound (sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the inside of our bodies, thermography provides not only a contactless method of heat-sensing, but also delivers heat-maps of our surroundings. Even technologies such as fMRI and surface EEG deal with readouts of frequencies to sneak in our minds.
Many of these techniques are not only applied in a scientific context but find increasing popularity in visualisations for design and art. Please find more information in the paper »Phasmagraphy: A potential future for artistic imaging« (Technoetic Art) and »Beyond visibility – scientific imaging as an artistic tool« (Taylor&Francis)

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